Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra phones are reportedly cracking around the camera

Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 Ultraphone is reportedly seeing a few issues, with some users complaining of a crack in the glass around the rear camera. Some have seen a slight fracture across the phone, while others have seen their glass shatter abruptly, according to a Digital Trends report Wednesday.

You can see some of the complaints on Samsung’s user forum, with one describing “a hair line that goes from one side to another” while someone else said “the crack runs right across the main lens making the camera feature useless.”

“Both mine and my wife’s have cracked glass on the cameras. Neither of us have dropped or been rough with them. Both are in cases. Pretty sure both broke in pockets,” another person complained.

“Same thing happened with my husband and I. The rear camera literally randomly shatters without impact,” another said. “I guess I should be happy they haven’t caught on fire yet.”

Samsung didn’t respond to a request for comment. The Galaxy S20 Ultra was launched last month, and comes with a 108-megapixel camera.